Adoptees - Requests

Both real-life and made-up hamsters can be made into my Tottoko Hamutaro sprites. If you have a request, please e-mail me (with the words "hamster request" somewhere in the subject) and include:

All requested sprites will be shown here. I can't wait to get some more requests!

Remember, these are not up for adoption! Thanks!

 Requested Sprites

Bunnys' Hamster - Bizkit (m) Anas' Hamster - Frodo (m) Anas' Hamster - Pippin (f) Kristens' Hamster - William (m) Juels' Hamster - Takky (f) Juels' Hamster - Pentaru (f) Juels' Pairing - Boss and Takky Latinas' Hamster - Michelle (f) Latinas' Hamster - Miss Costa Rica (f) Lorraines' Hamster - Martha (f) Tanias' Hamster - Little Pudds (f - Version 1) Tanias' Hamster - Little Pudds (f - Version 2) Caitlins' Hamster - Caitlin (f) Caitlins' Hamster - Stella (f) Caitlins' Hamster - Mike (m) Caitlins' Pairing - Boss and Caitlin Chiaras' Hamster - Pixel (m) Chiaras' Hamster - Poka Dot (f) Chiaras' Pairing - Pixel and Poka Dot Chiaras' Hamster - Picasso (m) Chiaras' Hamster - Pixel (m) sleeping Chiaras' Hamster - Red (m) Busters' Hamster - Buster Junior (m) Emas' Hamster - Ainwen (f) Lous' Hamster - Lou Lady (f) Jorges' Teddy Bear Hamster - T-Bone (m) Tokos' Hamster - Nora (f) Tokos' Pairing - Oxnard and Nora Nekos' Hamster - Neko (m) Nekos Sisters' Hamster - Yatsumi (f) Nekos Sisters' Pairing - Jingle and Yatsumi Kozlowskifams' Hamster - unnamed (f) Estels' Hamster - Penelope (f) Alyssas' Pairing - Charcoal and Angel Heathers' Hamster - Bear (m) Heathers' Pairing - Zoe and Twitch (sisters) Rachels' Pairing - Rachel and Tyler Courtneys' Pairing - Hammy-boy and Muddy Kyle's Hamster - Karayzeee (m) SaruKitsunes' Pairing - Spat and Harmony Kathleens' Hamster - Sparkle with the Philippines and Ireland flags (f) Kathleens' Hamster - Bijou with the American flag (f)Kathleens' Hamsters - Ichigo (f) and Kisshu (m) from Tokyo Mew Mew