Adoptees - Video Games

These sprites are all from the GameBoy Tottoko Hamutaro video games. Remember, if you find a new hamster in your game that isn't from the tv series or movies, please send me an e-mail and include a screen shot and the hamsters name (if known). Thanks! Please link them back here and enjoy! ^.^

 Ham-Hams Unite

The mysterious blue hamster...ever seen one of these in real life? Female hamster with a flower behind her ear Bijou/Ribon in a kimono Hamtaro/Hamutaro with reindeer ears Bijou/Ribon in a suit Hamtaro/Hamutaro as a cowboy, holding a bouquet of flowers

 Love Love Daibouken Dechu (Ham-Ham Heartbreak)

Gray hamster with an Elvis hair-do The scientist who created the Ham-O-Matic Ham-O-Matic Ham-O-Matic with its arms outstretched Brown and white hamster Another blue hamster And another blue hamster Cute pink hamster Blue-eared hamster Green-eared hamster Pink-eared hamster Sunburned hamster with sunglasses.  Very cool. Large blue hamster who loves lady hamsters Gray-eared hamster Tan hamster Worried, tied-up hamster... poor thing! Barrette/Poniteru--My favorite hamster (I love her hair)! Pastel blue-eared hamster Kame--hamster with a back-pack-like shell Pink hamster Brown hamster with a star on his forehead Green hamster Lil Bro who is worried about his older brother Arnie Hamster from United States commercials Broski--a surfing hamster with a pierced ear. Seedric--the excavationist, complete with a pick tool! Rabbit messenger Light blue hamster Light pink hamster Yellow hamster Purple hamster Sea green hamster Angry pink hamster Worried hamster in a suit Clown hamster Cute hamster in a suit Harmony/Angeru Spat/Debi

 Ham-Ham Games

Baby blue rainbow hamster Baby yellow rainbow hamster Baby purple rainbow hamster Baby orange rainbow hamster Baby red rainbow hamster Robot hamster

 Nijiiro Daikoushin Dechu (Rainbow Rescue)

Purple and beige hamster Blue and beige hamster Green and beige hamster Bright blue and beige hamster Brown hamster Brown and beige hamster Light green hamster Gray hamster Laughing hamster (so cute!) Older hamster who likes horses Frog that the Ham-hams meet along the way Bo/Nijihamu--the Rainbow Maker who lost his rainbow-making umbrella. ??/Rainbow--Team Rainbow to the rescue! Alien Ham-ham from outer space! UFO Ham-ham

 5th Game (Unknown Title)

Sora!  I think he might be a main Ham-ham in this new game... A ninja Ham-ham. Ham-ham with a cape. FullMetal Hamster!  Ham-ham cosplay as Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist?