About - Adopting a Ham-ham

Every adoption site has a different way of allowing visitors to adopt their creations. My site is really easy about this as I don't need you to fill out a form, tag board, email, or any of that. Here are the simple steps to adopting as many Ham-hams as you'd like from my site (just remember that none of the Requests are available for adoption!):

1.) Find a Ham-ham you love and want to display on your site.

2.) Right-click (or command-click) on the sprite and select "Save As" or "Save Image As" from the menu that pops up.

3.) Save the Ham-ham to your computer.

4.) When displaying the Ham-ham on your site, copy and paste the following code which will give this site credit and help other people who love Ham-hams find Hamster Cage (change SPRITES_NAME_HERE to what you saved the hamster as):

5.) Save your site and check it out - the Ham-ham should be there and if you click on it, it will take you back here to adopt some more!